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What is "The Cloud"?

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I get asked this question at least once a week. The answer is pretty simple: it just means “on the internet.” That’s all it is, a fancy marketing term that means “on the internet.”

So when someone says they store their documents “in the cloud”, they mean simply that their documents are stored on the internet.

Internet speeds – Truth and Myths and Overkill

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Often I am at a client’s home, and I run a speedtest on their internet. I get results that are outstanding; but perhaps a bit overkill.

Share Photos via SkyDrive

For a more indepth video on Cloud Storage in general see: Cloud Storage Tech Tip

IMAP Synchronize Email

What is IMAP?
How do I synchronize my mail?

We live in the day of multiple devices accessing a single email account. We use our computer, smart phones, sometimes even a laptop all to get to the same account. Yet many of us are setup with the wrong type of mail system for that, and can be using something better: IMAP.

Instead of POP mail, using IMAP allows us to synchronize all of our devices, so messages deleted from the computer are automatically deleted from the phone.

New Wireless AC Routers Provide Amazing Coverage

New Wireless AC Routers – They're a bit pricey, but totally worth it if you have weak wireless signal.

The current wireless router types in order from newest to old:

Spot Scams, Phishing and Virus-Laden Emails and Websites

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One of the most frequent things we do here at Pc Computer Guy is virus removal and cleanup of computers hijacked by adware, spam ware or other bad stuff.

Restore the Windows 8 Start Button

There is now a good FREE version of this called Classic Shell - but the same concept applies.




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