Share Photos via SkyDrive

Share Photos via SkyDrive (Now called OneDrive) | Tech Tips Video by PcCG

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Whenever you go on vacation you no doubt have a ton of photos you'd like to share with friends and family. Perhaps they even have photos you want! Unfortunately so many people "share" through facebook, in which you end up with photos of much worse quality than the origionals. You also have to go through and save each picture 1 by 1 which can be a pain if you have 30+ pictures. 

There is a better way! OneDrive! (Formerly called Skydrive.)

OneDrive is Microsoft's version of "dropbox", but better in my opinion. You get more space for free (15GB as of 4/16/2015) and it does an excellent job of allowing others to view and/or download pictures. You have the option of downloading individual pictures that you like, or even the entire folder! And best of all you get the origional high quality pictures to store, print or cuddle with!

Watch this Tech Tip Video to see how easy it is to use OneDrive to share photos, documents and... well just about anything digital.


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