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Pc Computer Guy Services and Support

PC Computer Guy has years of experience successfully handling the technology needs of hundreds of commercial and residential clients. We handle on-site service and computer repair for clients in Fishers, Carmel, Indianapolis and surrounding areas.  Everything from virus removal to setting up an entire office network, servers and phone systems -- PC Computer Guy has you covered. Some of the most common services performed by PcComputerGuy include:

Virus Repair:  It's really this simple: You've got a virus. You call us. We fix it fast. Then we consult on prevention. Virus repair is one of PC Computer Guy's most common service requests. PC Computer Guy will perform several diagnostic procedures on your system to diagnose the problem, remove the virus, and if necessary, fix the damage caused to your system by the virus. We have all the tools and expertise necessary to remove the latest and nastiest viruses from your computer.

Backup: The above mentions one way in which your data and important files could be put in danger. Viruses, as well as mechanical hard-drive failure, could cause you to lose years worth of your life's data stored on your computer. For this reason, PcComputerGuy urges every client to BACK UP YOUR DATA. PcComputerGuy can install a system for you which will automatically back up your system nightly, weekly, or monthly--and protect your files.

Phone Systems: We have partnered with Jive Communications - an industry leader in cloud-based hosted voice over IP (VoIP). These systems come packed with features at a set, easy to understand price that is often less than what you currently pay. If you can think of it, odds are this system can handle it. Auto-attendants, voicemail to email, specialized call routing and more are all possible. We've used Jive for years and have set up many satisified clients with Jive powered phone systems. We can get you set up and trained from beginning to end.

Preventative Maintenance/Tune-ups: Performing general preventative maintenance on your computer will help the system run at its optimum speed and efficiency, as well as help to protect your system from failure. This category of service involves giving the computer a check-up to see which hardware and software components may not be running correctly or as fast as they should be. This category of service often includes the removal of Spyware and Adware. These malicious programs are often responsible for hindering PC performance and burdening users with annoying popups. Also included in preventative maintenance is the removal of old temporary files and cookies. It is a good idea to remove unnecessary junk from the PC that may be just taking up space and hindering performance.

Software: This is a large category, which includes software and firmware installation and upgrades.

Firmware: In addition to helping you install programs onto your computer, PcComputerGuy can help with issues which require diagnosis and repair or re-installation of software/firmware elements of a PC. Firmware, commonly known as “Drivers” --are programs which allow a computer to operate hardware devices. Firmware must be working properly in order for a physical device to function correctly. PcComputerGuy will help you find and install any needed drivers.

Software: PcComptuerGuy offers a variety of software including Windows 7, Microsoft Office, and Norton Antivirus. When considering purchasing new software, PcComptuerGuy urges customers to call for a consultation before spending money on a given program. Not all software is compatible with the hardware a customer may have in a computer. There are instances where an application will not function on a “compatible PC” due to the hardware installed on the PC. This is rare but does occur.

New Computer: Let PcComputerGuy take all the hassle out of buying a new computer! PcComputerGuy will consult with you to determine which computer will best suit your technical and budgetary needs, and handle all of the details from purchasing to installation! Once your new computer is installed, PcComputerGuy can also spend time in a one-on-one educational session to help you get the most out of your new machine!

Education/Classes: PcComputerGuy offers personal one-on-one computer training with customers. Training will be done in the customer's home covering needs from “basic computer operations” to using a specific application. It is highly recommended to make a list of questions beforehand, so that so that all aspects may be covered.

Design & Purchase Custom PC's: Need a performance machine that will knock your socks off? We can build a computer to your specs utilizing only top-quality parts known for high performance yet not overly expensive. We know what parts matter and how to build systems that will out-do anything available at retail stores. 

Upgrades: Any customer desiring upgrading of a PC or wishing to add functionality will first need a consultation. PcComputerGuy will then advise the options, costs, and each option's prospective improvement on the computer. Once a decision has been made, the requested work will be performed.

Networking: Networking involves connecting multiple computers or devices together, or to the Internet. Maybe you want to access your files from any computer in the house, or send a file to a printer in another room. Whatever your networking needs, PcComptuerGuy will provide a solution. PcComputerGuy will set up your office or home network. In addition to adding convenience, a network installed by PcComputerGuy can add a layer of protection by way of a hardware firewall. Be sure to ask your technician for details.

Emergency Service: PcComptuerGuy offers Emergency service rates for customers needing immediate assistance during weekend or off-hours. Please call for details. (317.883.7224)

Remote Access: PcComputerGuy can remote in to your computer and solve many issues with software, malware, viruses or other issues. Remote access fees are lower than on-site support and there is no trip charge - saving you money. *Not all issues can be solved remotely. 

Data Recovery: Has your hard-drive crashed and you have no backup? We can perform diagnostics and work on getting your data back. There are many ways in which hard drives can fail and costs can vary greatly depending on the issue. We start with the easiest and least expensive recovery options, let you know the results and if unsucessful - let you know the next steps involved and aproximate costs. No surprises.

Custom Websites: Need a website? We've built many websites for clients and work to ensure you are pleased with the product. From basic sites to complex sites with e-commerce, we've got you covered. We build sites using "Content Management Systems" such as Drupal and Wordpress - allowing for a huge range of features including the ability to edit your own content anytime you want. We also can provide hosting on our own fast SSD/Linux powered LAMP server (Linux Apache MySQL PhP). Recent testing showed this very site is faster that 91% of all tested websites. 

Refurbished Computers: Our refurbished computers have a fresh install of Windows, and major updates applied. They often have upgrades and we often preload many useful packages such as LibreOffice, Chrome, Java, Adobe Reader and more. Refurbished computers come with a 30-day warranty on the hardware. This is a great way to get a good computer at a fraction of the cost.

We do so much more! Pretty much anything tech we can take care of. Give us a call and let us know what you need help with - and we'll be happy to provide an estimate. 317.883.7224 (PcCG)