Commercial Pricing

Hourly Rates for Commercial Service

Commercial clients are clients in which work is done on commercial property. PcComputerGuy will handle the unique technical challenges faced by your business with finesse and professionalism. PcComputerGuy is affiliated with many business clients in the Indianapolis area and offers a number of services including Networking, Education, Backup, Software, Data Recovery, New Computer Purchase and Installation, and Much More! As a commercial client, you and your company receive priority scheduling included in our unbelievably low hourly pricing. Our incredibly low prices, combined with our five-star service make PcComputerGuy your number one choice for solving all of your company's technology-related issues. PcComputerGuy will provide seamless tech-support to fit all your company's needs. Call today to set up a consultation! 317.883.7224

Here's How Our Pricing Works:

Hours Worked

(1-hour minimum)


Trip Charge

(Usually $25)


Parts and/or software

(If needed)

= Total Cost

It really is that simple.

For a list of common issues such as virus repair, networking, or optimization/speed increase check our FAQ

Commercial Service Hourly Rates:

Business On-Site Service: $90 per hour Check here for new customer discounts and specials. A one-hour minimum applies to Business On-Site service. The cost of any parts needed such as a hard drive, router, etc. will be added to the service charge described above.

Commercial Remote Access Service: $85 per hour, 1/2 hour minium.  *Some situations will require a site visit, in which case Remote Access Service and Pricing can not be applied.

In-Shop Service: PcComputerGuy now offers customers the option to drop off their computer and pick it up when the repairs are complete. Advantages of this option include significant cost savings: 1) For In-Shop service, we generally charge a maximum of three hours, even if the job takes longer to complete. (This may not apply in rare circumstances such as data-recovery. Your technician will discuss all of the details with you prior to completing the work.) In-Shop service is billed at $85 per hour with a one-hour minimum. New customers will receive the $10 per hour New-Customer special. 2) For In-Shop service, there is no trip-charge, saving customers anywhere from $20-$50 depending on customer type.