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Limited time "Helping out" Discount

We know a lot of people are going through hard times right now. Record unemployment, jobs on hold and people getting sick have all lead to some difficult economic times. At the same time we are perhaps more dependent on our computers now more than ever. We need them to get information, look for work, or to communicate with friends and family. In the spirit of helping, we are offering a limited time huge discount. Remote Access work will receive a $20/hour discount on remote access work. You must mention this special when setting up your remote access appointment. If you would like to maximize time you can download our remote access software before your appointment.

Redeem Your New Customer Discount!

As a New Customer, when you call PcComputer Guy at 317.883.7224 or 866-653-6748 be sure to use the coupon code "PcCGWB" to receive $10 off of your hourly rate! Cannot combine with any other offers.  Discount can be applied for up to 3 hours. Valid for first service request only.