Residential Pricing

Hourly Rates for Residential Computer Service

Residential customers are customers that are on residential property and in need of typical home-user services. PcComputerGuy offers affordable pricing options for our Residential customers. There are several options available to you, each offering its own benefits. In-Home service is the option our customers most often choose. In addition to In-Home service, Remote-Access, and In-Shop service are also available at a discount to our normal In-Home price. No matter which option you choose, you will get top-notch service at a great price!

Here's How Our Pricing Works:

Hours Worked

(Only $85/hr  Residential customers on site - check here for first call specials!)


Trip Charge

(Usually $25)


Parts and/or software

(If needed)

= Total Cost

It really is that simple.

For a list of common issues such as virus repair, networking, or optimization/speed increase check our FAQ

Residential Service Hourly Rates:

Residential In-Home Service: $85/Hour Standard rate. Check here for Specials. Also included is a trip-charge which covers travel expenses and the added convenience of computer repair in your own home! (Trip-charge for Residential customers will range from $25 to $45 for Indianapolis and the surrounding rural areas.) A one-hour minimum applies to Residential In-Home service. The cost of any parts needed such as a hard drive, router, etc. will be added to the service charge described above.

Residential Remote Access Service: $80 per hour, 1/2 hour minimum. ($40 minimum.) No trip charge and is often handled within minutes or hours. *Some situations will require a home visit, in which case Remote Access Service and Pricing can not be applied.

In-Shop Service: $80 per hour with a one-hour minimum. PcComputerGuy offers customers the option to drop off their computer and pick it up when the repairs are complete. Advantages of this option include significant cost savings; In-Shop service, we generally charge a maximum of three hours, even if the job takes longer to complete. (This may not apply in rare circumstances such as data-recovery. Your technician will discuss all of the details with you prior to completing the work.) In-Shop work can still take advantage of our specials. For In-Shop service, there is no trip-charge, saving customers anywhere from $10-$40.