Remote Access Support

Remote Access Support

PcComputerGuy offers the great convienence of remote-access computer repair. With remote access computer repair, we can connect to your computer safely and securly and fix many issues as if we were right there in front of the computer.

The benefits of this are reduced support costs and no trip charge. Response is also often quicker allowing your computer to get fixed in less time.

Please note, not all issues can be fixed via remote access. Hardware issues and some viruses require on-site support depending on the severity of the virus. A working internet connection is required for this option. If your computer cannot be fixed via remote access, we will be happy to setp an on-site appointement for you. 

Home & Small Business Remote Access Rate: $80/hour (30 Min. minimum).
Commercial Remote Access Rate: $85/hour (30 Min. minimum).
(New customers will be required to make a 1 hour deposit prior to work. This can be done via online payment.)

PcComputerGuy Remote Access Application

 Recommended Download for Remote Support No installation Required - Quick Support Option

Mac Support Option:

  Mac Host Remote Support  

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