Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: How do I make a payment online?
A: Easy! Visit our online payment page.

Q: How do I sign up for the free newsletter?
A: Simply visit our Newsletter sign up page, enter the required information and select your desired frequency to receive free tips, important information and specials via email. We never sell your info and don't send excessive mailings.

Q: How much is a service charge?
A: Unlike nearly all of our competitors, we are not afraid to list our pricing. Charges vary based on customer type (Residential, Small Business, Commercial). We also offer a new customer discount. Check the pricing menu link on the top of the page for the actual price. There is a trip charge to cover gas and vehicle maintenance, then the number of hours worked. While there is a very broad range of possible jobs, most tend to be in the 1-2 hour range.

Q: What warranty do you offer?
A: We want our customers to be happy, this can be seen by checking out our reviews. Computers however are a little difficult when it comes to warranties because so many things can happen. If something happens as a result of your doing after a repair is done then we cannot cover that under a warranty. The most obvious example is if we clean your computer of infections then you go and download another virus, that wouldn't be covered. Our general warranty is below. There is often flexibility in this, for example if you have a router you purchased from us and it lasts 35 days - we will take care of it without question. Again - we want you to be happy and use us again in the future. Software Warranty: 14 Days Used Equipment Warranty: 30 Days New Equipment Warranty: Usually 1 year covered by the manufacturer.

Q: How much does virus repair cost?
A: There are hundreds of thousands of different types of infections. Some take 1 hour to clean up, however in general virus repair takes between 1-2 hours for a "quick clean" where we use quick scans to search the most common areas. A through cleaning where everything is checked, not just the common areas takes longer and for this reason we recommend in-shop service where there is a 3 hour maximum for most jobs, saving you on anything more than 3 hours of labor.

Q: How much to speed up my computer?
A: Computer optimization is generally a fairly quick process. Most optimization is done in 1 hour, sometimes up to 2 hours. There may be additional cost of RAM (Memory) if needed or other equipment. Very often memory is the key to speeding up a computer. In today's world anything less than 2Gig should be upgraded, 4Gig is considered normal/standard and 8Gig is great. Frankly anything above 8Gig is overkill for most people.

Q: How much to install wireless networking?
A: Wireless networking can take between 1-2 hours. This mostly depends on the size of your house and the number of devices to be networked. We will secure your wireless network to make sure it's safe from neighbors. If the house is large then we may need to install additional equipment to provide good signal throughout the house. The equipment needed if you don't already have it depends on the size of the house generally speaking.

Q: Do you do on site calls?
A: Absolutely. That's one of the things that sets us apart from most places. We want to make it as trouble-free of an experience as possible. You simply pay the trip charge (average $20) and the hourly rate. There are situations where we need to bring the PC back to our shop, and if that happens we will pickup and deliver it to you usually the next business day. There are situations where it is best to drop off your computer. (See Q. on drop-off)

Q: Do you allow drop-off of computers?
A: Yes! With drop-off most items are covered by a 3 hour maximum unless notified otherwise. So if your computer takes 5 hours to fix, you only pay for 3! The benefit of doing this is it allows us to do complete through scans without charging you the extra time needed to do these scans. You also do not pay for any trip charge, simply the hourly rate. You must make an appointment ahead of time before dropping your computer off.

Q: Do you have a Privacy Policy for information collected from PcComputerGuy.com?
A: Yes! See Privacy Policy for complete details.

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