Consulation Services

Consulation Services

Do you need advice, or second opinion on your IT related questions? Has your IT been long neglected at your office? Are you considering a purchase and unsure on the best course for you or your organization? PcComputerGuy consultation services are for you!

We can help you get off on the right path, often saving hundreds or thousands of dollars a year by providing the most effective solution for you.

We provide both over-the-phone and email consultation services as well as an on-site evaluation of your technology. Based on your needs, we then can provide our recommendations to improve your day-to-day business, secure and backup data and ensure you are using the right technology.

Common issues we encounter include: Data Backup, Security, Website Hosts and services, Email Syncing services, Networking, Internet speeds, Software purchases, Remote Access and more.

Rates billed at standard onsite or offsite rates for commercial and residential/small business services.