PC Cleanup, Check up, and Yearly Maintenance

PC Clean-up and Yearly Maintenance

A photo of the dusty insides of a computer.

Does your computer need some TLC? Just as your car has its regular oil changes - your computer should have a yearly checkup/cleanup done.

Over time your computer will accumulate a buildup of temp (junk) files, have junkware/malware (even if you have an anti-virus), unnecessary items added to the system startup and fall behind on security updates.  

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Remote Service

  • Typically about 1 hour *times vary based on computer speed and level of cleanup needed.
  • Cleanup temp files and cookies
  • Check AV Software up to date and good
  • Check web browsers for bad plugins/extensions
  • Malware Scan and removal
  • System startup optimization
  • Update Adobe/Java
  • Check Windows updates status
  • Recommendations on any other needs such as backup if applicable.

On Site/ or Drop Off

  • Typically 1-1.5 Hrs
  • All of the Remote Service
  • Computer dust removal - cleanup of buildup on hardware.