Free Wallpaper Background Images

Free desktop wallpaper backgrounds by PcComputerGuy

Simply download PcComputerGuy's free WallPaper, extract somewhere (such as Pictures). 

For Windows Vista, 7 and Windows 8 click "Start" then type "change background". You can also watch our "change desktop background" video for a step by step on Windows 7.

(Note, there is no installer to "automatically install the background images for you. Using such a process, searching for wall paper then downloading a program is often how you get infected computer systems! So while this requires a couple extra steps, you'll know it's free of malware and should always be the way you get background images!)

A few sample images

Autum Wall Paper


Flower Opening

Lost At Sea


Pirate Ship Sunken

El Salavdorian Kids - Mission Trip

Indiana Soybean

Tall Grass

Seal Performing

Yellow Flower