Hardware Repair

Issues which require diagnosis and repair or replacement of physical elements of a PC are no problem for PcComputerGuy. Such items include: CPU (central processing unit), Motherboard, RAM (memory), CD ROMs/Burners/DVDs, Floppy/Hard Disks, Power Supplies, Network Interface cards, Modems, Sound devices, Printers and other external devices. In addition to the above, PcComputerGuy offers:

  • Replacement of Motherboards
  • Replacement of most PC Cards
  • Replacement of CPU
  • Replacement of RAM (memory)
  • Installation/Replacement of all peripherals including CDROM/Burner/DVD/Floppy devices.
  • Replacement of Hard Drive (usually requires timely recovery procedure)

Have we forgotten to include something in this list? No worries--PcComputerGuy handles many more hardware issues than the short few items above. If it belongs with a computer, PcComputerGuy can help. Give us a call today to find out more! (317.883.PCCG (7224) or 866.653.6748)