Virus Removal, Repair, and Cleanup

Virus Removal and Repair by Pc Computer Guy

It's really this simple: You've got a virus. You call us. We fix it fast. Then we consult on prevention. Dealing with Viruses is something we do often, in fact it's the most common job we're called for. Unlike many computer shops who do the easy but destructive solution of erasing your entire computer, we try diligently to remove the virus. On occasion the damage may be too severe in which we will first contact you before any drastic measures are taken.

In-Shop Repair: Typically $120 | 3 Hour Max Labor (preventative software such as Norton not included) Viruses are best dealt with as in-shop work. This allows us to do full scans with multiple AV packages which can take hours without billing for the entire time to wait for scans to finish. This method typically gets you 5 hours of work for the cost of 3, that's 2 free hours. While we have the computer we will also optimize startup, remove temp files and check for updates. You will usually get the computer back within 1 business day.

On-Site Repair Typically $150 | 1-2 Hours depending on severity of virus. (preventative software such as Norton not included) We will come out to your home, delete temp files and preform quick scans. These scans often are successful in removing the infection from your computer. We preform quick scans with our tools in order to try and minimize the time required to clean the system. Quick scans sometimes are not sufficient, in which case we may recommend we take the system back to our shop and usually get it back within 1 business day.

Preventative Software It's important not only to clean the infection on your computer, but to ensure you don't get more in the future. We recommend Norton Internet Security to our customers, but we are not salesmen. We recommend Norton because it's a good product with a high catch-rate and resource management. We do not get any kick-backs from Norton. You are not required to purchase Norton from us or anywhere but the cost of the software we find nearly always saves a customer from future infections. McAfee is NOT a sufficient AV suite and we do NOT recommend it. If you do not want to pay for Norton, we will often load it on your computer as a two-week trial, after which you are able to remove it and load whatever you would like. It is necessary for us to do this to guarantee our work.

Guarantee We Guarantee the virus to be removed and all damage undone as possible for two weeks provided you have Norton Internet Security on your computer. However we cannot guarantee or be held responsible for viruses being reloaded on the computer after our work is complete. For example if we clean an infected system then kids go and download a bunch of stuff on limewire, getting another infection in the process, that is not covered. As an award winning and a top-rated company on numerous sites, we will do whatever we can to ensure your satisfaction and future repeat business. For more information, please call PcComputerGuy at (317.883.PCCG  or 866.653.6748)

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