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PC Computer Guy Launches a new VoIP focused division: IndyVoIP

A “Virtual PBX” is an internet based phone system that allows for tons of professional features often at a fraction of the cost of running your own PBX.

What does such a system get you? Think of all the fancy stuff that happens when you call a large company. For specifics, let’s look at what we’ve done at PcComputerGuy with our Virtual PBX hosted through Jive Communications.

First, you start off with a SIP based phone. These IP phones connect to your existing internet connection. Some of them are even wireless such as our Cisco SPA525G2 SIP phone.

Each system has it’s own way of configuring the features of your phone system, but think of it very much like a corporate level phone system complete with extensions, call queues, forwarding to cell phones, custom music and more.

We have configured our system so that when a customer calls, instead of getting the classic “ringing” sound, they get information on our business. So we’ve replaced the “ring” sound with promotional material. While that promo is playing, the phone is ringing on our end.

We have also created custom hold music. So if we put a client on hold, instead of silence such as with a regular phone, they get “PcComputerguy Tech Tips” to listen to.

The system also allows us to set open/closed hours. When business hours are over, the system automatically switches to the “off hours” programing, which takes you straight to voice mail instead of having to wait for the ringing to time out to voice mail.

A call can be transferred from the office to my cell, and then from my cell back to the office among other things seamlessly. These systems can do a TON of neat things for a pretty inexpensive price.

To learn more, see video demos and get pricing please visit

IndyVoIP is so confident their service is superior in price and features they are willing to allow you to try it out at no charge.

If you'd like more info, would like to try a free demo, or get setup give us a call! 317.883.PCCG (7224)