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Start your 2017 Tech Right

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Over the course of the year handle a lot of different issues. Here are things we saw more frequently. Knowing about these issues should prevent you from facing them in the future!

30 Minute Dos and Donts Highlights - Keep your computer running well

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In this Podcast, PC Computer Guy - Nick Ellis gives a 30 minute over-view of things you should be doing to keep your computer running well. This is a special edition "roundup" where we take the key items and present them in a single podcast.

We cover topics such as:

Keep PC Power on, or Turn Power off?

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Should I turn my computer off, or leave it on?

This is perhaps the most, if not one of the most questions we receive.

The reason so many people don’t know the answer to this question, is because there are so many different answers out there! And most of them are not wrong, they are just not entirely correct.

The full answer is this:

“It depends.”

Cheap computers – not such a good deal

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Article written 8/21/2014 – while the specs may change over time from the writing of this article, the principal will still apply years from now.

“You get what you pay for.” Ever hear that expression? It holds true for computers as well as so many other things.

Replace Laptop with Tablet

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Replacing your laptop with a Tablet.

Frequently these days I’m asked “should I replace my laptop with a tablet?” The answer is “That depends.”

The “depends” boils down to the question, “What do you want to use it for?” Your answer here determines if it would be suitable to replace a laptop with a tablet.

Improve wireless range

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How do you expand wireless coverage, to make it reach further in your home? How do you deal with low wifi signal strength?  This article will provide some possible solutions to improve the range of your wireless internet.


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