Online Cloud-Based Document Storage

Online Cloud-Based Document Storage | Tech Tips Video by PcCG

Online Cloud-based Document Storage has become very easy to use, and free. It offers many benefits over keeping files stored on your computer. Some of those benefits include:

  • Ability to share files with friends/family
  • Collaboration – where multiple people can work on the same file without constantly emailing back and forth.
  • Pseudo-backup – should your hard drive crash in your computer, your cloud-based files are still easily retrievable. 
  • Synchronizing your own files among multiple computers seamlessly.

In this PcComputerGuy Tech Talk Video, we will demonstrate such a system, focusing primarily on our system of choice, Microsoft OneDrive. We’ll show you the web interface as well as installing the product on your computer and how to use it locally (on your computer). We will show you how to share, edit and upload files using OneDrive. We’ll also briefly show Google Drive and DropBox, two competitors providing the same concept.

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