Restore the Windows 8 Start Button

Windows 8 Start Button | Tech Tips Video by PcCG

There is now a good FREE version of this called Classic Shell - but the same concept applies.




Windows 8 is here. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find Windows 7 computers still on shelves at any store. You can as of the writing of this article find them on websites from Dell, HP and other places, but you’ll have to hunt around a bit for them.

By far the main reason so many people dislike Windows 8 is the redesigned “start page”. The start button has been removed, and replaced with a full screen start display. I’ve already created a lengthy review of that and other windows 8 items (Windows 8 Review), now we are going to talk about solving the blaring omission from Microsoft: the Start button.

Restored Start Menu

It’s actually a fairly easy process, we go to the internet, download and install the program, and voila! The start button is back!

You will have to pay for this, but at a mere $5, it’s definitely a steal, especially for those who have discovered just how bad the new Windows 8 interface can be. 

Start8 is made by a third-party company, meaning it’s not Microsoft. I find it works just as well as the start button did in any other versions of windows, so hopefully this will make Windows 8 life a bit easier.

Simply navigate to

  • Click the “Get it Now” button.
  • You will have the option to Buy it (Get it Now), or Try it for free.
  • Download and install the program.
  • Enjoy the many benefits of Windows 8 without the critical lack of the beloved Start button!

On a side note, you really only need the $5.00 version. Other programs such as Start Classic restore the start button as well. Start Classic and some others are free, but I feel Start8 is far superior and worth every penny. You can also try it for free to compare for yourself.