IMAP Synchronize Email

IMAP Synchronize Email | Tech Tips Video by PcCG

What is IMAP?
How do I synchronize my mail?

We live in the day of multiple devices accessing a single email account. We use our computer, smart phones, sometimes even a laptop all to get to the same account. Yet many of us are setup with the wrong type of mail system for that, and can be using something better: IMAP.

Instead of POP mail, using IMAP allows us to synchronize all of our devices, so messages deleted from the computer are automatically deleted from the phone.

By its very nature, IMAP stores all mail on the server which is also great as a method of backing up. If your computer crashes, you can recover your mail stored on the IMAP server with ease.

Important to note however, not all providers support IMAP. Those that do include IMAP support Gmail, AOL, Bluehost, Godaddy and just about any other webhost. Comcast, ATT/Yahoo and Roadrunner and most other ISP’s don’t support IMAP. A simple google search such as “AOL IMAP” will help you quickly determine if your email provider supports IMAP, and if it does – use it!

In this PcComputerGuy Tech Talk Video, we discuss in greater detail what is IMAP vs POP mail, how it works and demonstrate how to set it up. We also touch on security (SSL) and end with a demonstration of IMAP working side by side with my smartphone.