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Two Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a method to secure your login's on various sites even if someone is able to obtain your password.

Why should you use 2FA Apps? See the video below (Update: now recommend Authy - below shows setup for Google Authenticator. Authy setup is very similar but has more features and backing up options).

Scams, Scams and more Scams

Some of the most common calls we get involve scams. Sometimes the scammers are successful; sometimes our clients call us before they get taken advantage of. We've covered them before in our tech-tips, but this will be a good refresher. We will try to be brief, but at the same time include relevant information.

Start your 2017 Tech Right

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Over the course of the year handle a lot of different issues. Here are things we saw more frequently. Knowing about these issues should prevent you from facing them in the future!

Fake Tech Support Scam

Fake Tech Support Video by PC Computer Guy Demonstrating what they do.

Inexpensive Cloud Backup – BackBlaze

Backup Today

Godaddy UID Outlook Error

Within just a couple days I've had several clients that use Godaddy setup on IMAP with Outlook call about receiving UID error messages when attempting to delete, respond to, or move messages. So if you've found this page - you're not alone. 

Unfortunately - getting Godaddy to respond to something, let-alone take responsibility for something not working properly can take an act of God.

PC Matic - Don't do it.

PC Matic Reviews from Amazon

Amazon Smile

Help make the world a better place with Amazon Smile!

Amazon smile is a service of Amazon that donates .5% of your purchase to the charity of your choice. It does not change the price at all of your products and is easy to use. The donation comes out of Amazon’s pocket, not yours. So if you shop on Amazon, why not use “Smile”?

All you have to do is go to instead of It’s that easy.


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