Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile | Tech Tips Article by PcCG

Help make the world a better place with Amazon Smile!

Amazon smile is a service of Amazon that donates .5% of your purchase to the charity of your choice. It does not change the price at all of your products and is easy to use. The donation comes out of Amazon’s pocket, not yours. So if you shop on Amazon, why not use “Smile”?

All you have to do is go to instead of It’s that easy.

You will see an entry box that says “Pick your own charitable organization”. From there you can search thousands of different non-profit charities to support.

If you don’t have one in mind, then you can support the non-profit that PcComputerGuy works with, “Kids International Dental Services”; providing free dental work to children in 3rd world countries. We have personally attended several mission trips to Guatemala and El Salvador and know firsthand of the poverty and needs of these children.

While .5% is not a lot of money, every little bit helps – and once signed up only requires that you shop at instead of Pretty cool right?

Since I’m “trained” to go to I often forget to go to the smile version. To remedy this, I found a simple chrome extension you can add that will always redirect you to smile, should you accidently go to the normal site. It’s called Smile Always and you can install it for chrome with just a couple easy clicks.

If you don’t purchase through the smile version of the site, then donations will not be made. You MUST use the smile version.

So what are you waiting for? Support your charity today at no cost to yourself by using Amazon Smile!

Amazon Smile