PC Matic - Don't do it.

PC Matic - Don't do it | Tech Tips Article by PcCG

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Lately I've seen as many "PC Matic" commercials as I have "My Pillow" commercials. I find this interesting as many years ago when this product came out, several customers tried it with bad results. The commercials tout how it's amazing, the best anti-virus ever and so much more. This got me curious as to if they've actually improved the product. So I did a bit of research. The image to the left pretty much sums things up: "No, it's still terrible".

This follows our general advice to clients. A program that promises to make your computer-world amazing - is blowing smoke. Registry Cleaners, Speed optimizers and Driver Update programs almost universally are a bad idea. 

It's not that we are in fear of losing out on jobs and income if people use these products. If that were the case, why would we provide regular tech tips for free that REALLY tell you how to keep your system running well? It's rather that we've seen first hand what these programs do, and never once has it been "good". The people who don't get burned typically end up with no real improvements. So do yourself and your computer a favor and don't load this PC Matic software onto your computer. Odds are, if you do - you'll likely be calling us out to save you!

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