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New Year's Resolution for your Computer



ABCD - New Year’s Computer Resolutions

As the New Year comes around, we make a lot of different resolutions to better life for us. Let me suggest 4 quick simple computer resolutions to keep your computers running well.

Change Browser Home Page

One of the most frequent requests I get from customers is how to change their home page. Lets first discuss what is a home page.

If you are foggy about the idea of what a home page is, don't feel bad. It's actually a question I get often. 

Use your Android Smart Phone, smartly!

I'm always down for giving (and receiving) tips or advise on doing things in a better way. One common area I see that could use some addressing is Android Smart phones. Many of the functions that I use daily, and would struggle without, are rarely used by many people! I suspect this is mostly because they don't know such ability exists. Let us change that! In this PC Computer Guy Tech Tip Video I demonstrate the use of "Voice Actions" and speech recognition to accomplish some of the most common tasks Smart Phones handle.

Blazing Fast Computer

I received a call from Kevin of Advance Auto to build a custom gaming PC for his son. Provided with a $1700 budget, I was able to build a system based on an i5 Processor, 8GB RAM, nVidia 560TI Graphics card, USB 3.0, a 1TB Traditional drive and the icing on the cake was a 256GB SSD drive. The computer is packed with other features such as 4 quiet fans, an excellent case, optical and hdmi outputs, SLI capability and more. I was so impressed with the speed of the system that I had to create a video to demonstrate this computer to you!

Home Digital Entertainment System

Technology is great if you can put it to particle use. One of the best uses for me personally of technology is my home setup that allows me to stream videos, pictures or music stored on my computer to the TV in the living room, bedroom or else-ware. I can stream content I've downloaded from the internet, or personal videos of trips we've taken. I can also archive DVD's or music CD's to my computer, so that they are accessible throughout the house; available at my finger-tips anytime I might want it.

Forward Emails (properly) with BCC

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Just today I got another email, forwarded to about 20 other people with my name in the "TO" field. Whenever this happens, I'm tempted to reply and suggest the use of "BCC" if you are going to forward things to me... which I usually just delete anyways! :)

Spot fake Emails

By far the most common call I get is about computer infections. Most of the time the customer has no clue how the infection got in their computer, claiming to have not done anything. The devil is in the details. This video demonstrates a common fake email that can be the digital cesspool where viruses, hijacking, scams and phishing come from. Here I received an email from "ATT" claiming that I had a bill due. The interesting thing is I do have ATT, but this email was bogus. These scams work off numbers and probability.

Create Strong Passwords

In this video we demonstrate how to create a strong password, very cryptic looking - but very easy for you to remember. A strong password is very important for your security.

How to Spot Scams

In this Tech Tip's video PC Computer Guy shares with you a scammer, who tried to scam the computer guy! In the end, only he got scammed out of a credit card number. Watch this video to see some of the tips that tell of a scammer in progress.


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