Spot fake Emails

Spot fake Emails | Tech Tips Video by PcCG

By far the most common call I get is about computer infections. Most of the time the customer has no clue how the infection got in their computer, claiming to have not done anything. The devil is in the details. This video demonstrates a common fake email that can be the digital cesspool where viruses, hijacking, scams and phishing come from. Here I received an email from "ATT" claiming that I had a bill due. The interesting thing is I do have ATT, but this email was bogus. These scams work off numbers and probability. Considering that a large number of people have ATT service, the bad guys send out spam messages to everyone, and coincidentally reach some people that actually have ATT. This answers the common question of "How did they know...?", the answer being, they didn't. Understanding how to "see" where the links take you before you click on them is a MAJOR advantage for the user who may receive such an email -letting them know, without clicking on the link, that the email is a fraud. With that information, I send the email straight to my "filing cabinet."