Home Digital Entertainment System

Home Digital Entertainment System | Tech Tips Video by PcCG

Technology is great if you can put it to particle use. One of the best uses for me personally of technology is my home setup that allows me to stream videos, pictures or music stored on my computer to the TV in the living room, bedroom or else-ware. I can stream content I've downloaded from the internet, or personal videos of trips we've taken. I can also archive DVD's or music CD's to my computer, so that they are accessible throughout the house; available at my finger-tips anytime I might want it. If I'm laying in bed and want to watch one of my movies, all I have to do is press a few buttons on my remote control and viola! If I want to stream a video from a trip for visiting guests, I can do that too! In this 9-part series I walk you through setting up a similar setup for yourself. Broken into parts, we will cover the concept, then setting up your computer, collecting and organizing your data, then setting up the device itself. Lastly I demonstrate some more advanced abilities that come in useful from time to time. In this video I demonstrate setup with a Western Digital HD Live TV Plus as well as an XBOX, allowing you to stream video to these devices from a Windows 7 computer. Dozens of other devices exist that function very similar to these items. If you have an XBOX or PS3, you probably already have all it takes!