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Picasa Part 3: Edit, Crop and Enhance Photos

In this third and final video on Picasa we discuss how to edit, crop and enhance your photos. I demonstrate how you can make your pictures look better with just a few clicks. I also demonstrate how to add some effects to your photos and demonstrate my favorite tool: saturation.

Safety and Security: Facebook Encryption

Many people browse facebook without even the most basic protections. We have put together a short 2 minute video that demonstrates how to enable SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to ensure your facebook tramissions are encrypted. You can then see the result of this, and know your information is protected when you see "https" across the address bar, instead of the classic "http". The S at the end indicates it's secure. It's quick, and very easy.

Picasa Part 2: Share, Print and Email with ease

In the first of this three part series, we showed you how to use Picasa to organize and manage your library of pictures. In this video we demonstrate a super-awesome feature, sharing to facebook through Picasa as well as sending your pictures to your local store. We also discuss resizing pictures for emailing and some basic concepts in terms of photo-sizes.

Picasa Part 1: Photo Management

Have thousands of pictures that need to be organized? Need a better way to transfer pictures into your computer? Today's your lucky day! Picasa - a free program from Google is an excellent, powerful photo management tool -- and more! Best of all, it's fast and easy to use. So ditch that cheezy program that came with your camera and download Picasa.

XBOX and Kinect - Multimedia Utopia

I had a customer a while back who was upgrading his multimedia center... the works, new TV, Surround sound etc. I was asked what type of multimedia device should he get for Netflix and other streaming content from the internet. He was surprised when I said "Get an Xbox." His confusion no doubt came from the idea that XBOX is purely a gaming console. However I personally got it not for games, but for multimedia! And it's faannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn-tastic at it. The XBOX can stream Netflix, Youtube, Hulu and more in HD.

Buying a new Computer

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Thinking of replacing your old computer? Join us for this episode of Tech Talk, where Nick Ellis - PC Computer Guy discusses tips for buying a new computer and provides some general recommendations.

Podcast: Save your Memories and Files - Back Up!

Subscribe via Itunes | Subscribe via RSS So often people intend on backing up but never get it done. Others think it's not important, until AFTER disaster happens. Truly ask yourself, are there priceless memories stored in your computer? If so, are they backed up? If not, you are playing a game of chance that you will lose sooner or later. I cannot stress this enough, back up now, back up before it's too late.

Podcast: Anti-Virus and Internet Security

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Just having an anti-virus isn't good enough. You need a GOOD program and the right level of protection. Tune in as Nick Ellis, PC Computer Guy offers his advice to keep your computer running smoothly.

Podcast: Facebook Security and Dual-Monitor Computers

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PC Computer Guy covers must-have security measures for facebook and the idea of Dual-Monitor's connected to a single computer.


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