XBOX and Kinect - Multimedia Utopia

Xbox and Kinect | Tech Tips Video by PcCG

I had a customer a while back who was upgrading his multimedia center... the works, new TV, Surround sound etc. I was asked what type of multimedia device should he get for Netflix and other streaming content from the internet. He was surprised when I said "Get an Xbox." His confusion no doubt came from the idea that XBOX is purely a gaming console. However I personally got it not for games, but for multimedia! And it's faannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn-tastic at it. The XBOX can stream Netflix, Youtube, Hulu and more in HD. It can connect to and play content from your computer, anything from pictures, to music and videos. When I want to watch our road-trip video, I don't have to get the DVD or bluray out... I simply tell my XBOX to play off the PC in the other room. Watch this 11 minute video as I demonstrate some of the neat abilities of this awesome tech toy.