Google Voice - Free Texting and Phone Number

Google Voice - Free Texting and Phone Number | Tech Tips Podcast by PcCG

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Google offers a number of really cool, and even free things. One of the coolest is Google Voice, a voice forwarding, answering and texting service. You can get your own phone number, for free, that you can in turn give to your friends and family. The cool thing is you can find a number you like best, even by using words! How do you think I ended up with 317-883-PCCG (PC Computer Guy)? - That's right, found it on google voice!

Once you have the number registered, you can then forward any incoming calls to to your own personal cell, home phone, either... or both! You can send and receive text messages on this number for free... and access those texts through your computer.

There is so much more you can do with this neat service, so listen to the podcast, then go check it out!