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Computer and Laptop Recommendations

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One of the most frequent questions we get is "what kind of computer should I buy"?

Change Browser Home Page

One of the most frequent requests I get from customers is how to change their home page. Lets first discuss what is a home page.

If you are foggy about the idea of what a home page is, don't feel bad. It's actually a question I get often. 

Forward Emails (properly) with BCC

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Just today I got another email, forwarded to about 20 other people with my name in the "TO" field. Whenever this happens, I'm tempted to reply and suggest the use of "BCC" if you are going to forward things to me... which I usually just delete anyways! :)

Thoughts on a Mac

Mac vs. PC

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I get asked what I think about Mac often. So let me start by saying that I’m not writing this article because I have a chip on my shoulder. I am sure some of the mac fans out there will view what I have to say here as sacrilegious, which actually gets to one of the core points I will be making.

Stream your Media and TV

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The Olympics are on. Now if there is any sport I'm more likely to watch than Football, it's the Olympics. I'm an Olympic addict. If watching the Olympics was a sport, I'd definitely get the gold. Of course, I also have to somehow still get things done for the those two weeks. How do I cope? With Orb!

Solid State Hard Drive

Subscribe via Itunes | Subscribe via RSS Your computer is only as fast as its weakest link. The primary components that determine the speed of your computer are simply your RAM, Processor and Hard Drive. With modern day computers, most have plenty of RAM and Processing power.

Skip youtube commercials (with Chrome)

In the past, you might get a commercial now and then on youtube. That was then. Now it seems like every other video you watch you are forced to watch a commercial, without the option of skipping it frequently like we once could.

This prompted me to search for a way to skip commercials. Surprisingly this simple download for Chrome works, and works well! Installation takes just seconds and you are off and running.


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