Skip youtube commercials (with Chrome)

Skip youtube commercials (with Chrome) | Tech Tips Article by PcCG

In the past, you might get a commercial now and then on youtube. That was then. Now it seems like every other video you watch you are forced to watch a commercial, without the option of skipping it frequently like we once could.

This prompted me to search for a way to skip commercials. Surprisingly this simple download for Chrome works, and works well! Installation takes just seconds and you are off and running.

As far as I know this only works with Google Chrome (Not IE or Firefox, although things probably do exist). That’s fine with me since that’s my browser anyways!

So how do you do it?

  1. Go to:
    Telly in Google Chrome Store
  2. Click The blue “Add to Chrome” button in the upper right.
  3. Click “add” on the pop up box.
  4. Wait a few seconds…. Wait for it….!
  5. Done.

Now you have Telly. How do you know? You have this icon in the upper right corner..
Telly Icon

Now head on to youtube, and watch videos! If you see one of those way-too-frequent commercials pop on, just click the blue Telly skip button as seen below.

Now you can waste time on youtube, without all those time-wasting commercials!