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Windows 10 Review

Return of the start menu

Windows 10 Start Menu

Java and other plugins not working - Chrome

Google has disabled the mechanism by which many programs interact with Chrome, including Java. This is for people using Chrome 43 or higher. This has been done for security reasons, but will likely have the result of making Java not work in chrome (among other plugins).

Keep PC Power on, or Turn Power off?

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Should I turn my computer off, or leave it on?

This is perhaps the most, if not one of the most questions we receive.

The reason so many people don’t know the answer to this question, is because there are so many different answers out there! And most of them are not wrong, they are just not entirely correct.

The full answer is this:

“It depends.”

Cheap computers – not such a good deal

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Article written 8/21/2014 – while the specs may change over time from the writing of this article, the principal will still apply years from now.

“You get what you pay for.” Ever hear that expression? It holds true for computers as well as so many other things.

Error 2016 - Google Calendar

The last couple of days we've been getting "Error 2016" from Google Calendar.

Sadly, Google has decided it will no longer support the free Google to Outlook calendar syncing app.

Google ceased allowing new installations of this as of 2 years ago, but we along with many others were grandfathered into the free service. Now you are required to use Google Apps, a paid subscription based google service if you want to continue to sync Outlook and Google calendars with a google-based application.

Replace Laptop with Tablet

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Replacing your laptop with a Tablet.

Frequently these days I’m asked “should I replace my laptop with a tablet?” The answer is “That depends.”

The “depends” boils down to the question, “What do you want to use it for?” Your answer here determines if it would be suitable to replace a laptop with a tablet.

Improve wireless range

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How do you expand wireless coverage, to make it reach further in your home? How do you deal with low wifi signal strength?  This article will provide some possible solutions to improve the range of your wireless internet.

Protect yourself from Cyber Threats

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CryptoLocker, Game Over Zeus and heartbleed have made 2013 and 2014 difficult years for the average Joe computer user. These viruses and exploits are serious, much more than most.

Yahoo Finance Crashing Browser

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved by Yahoo.

This is an alert for people whom are having problems using Yahoo Finance. We have found on multiple computers, using Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox that clicking on links on Yahoo Finance causes the browser to crash. This is a programming issue, likely on yahoo's part that needs to be resolved. You can TRY to clear your cookies/cached files; however that did not solve the issue for us.


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