"And They All Lived Happily Ever After..."

Back up your data, live "Happily Ever After" | Tech Tips Article and Podcast by PcCG

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On average, each month PcComputerGuy gets between 10-20 frantic phone calls of a certain nature.  The customer on the other end of the line desperately explains the details of their sudden hard-drive failure.  Years worth of family photos, business documents, music, and countless documents have up and vanished.  In cases like this, data recovery is needed and can cost anywhere from $300 on up to thousands of dollars.  PcComputerGuy encourages customers to be proactive and back up their data on a regular basis.  

Let's take the example of a recent customer.  We'll call her Sue.  When Nick visited Sue on a service call, Nick recommended that Sue back up her data in case the enevitable were to happen and her hard drive were to fail.  We say inevitable because, just like any mechanical device--every hard drive will fail at some point.  Sue decided to take Nick up on his offer.  She backed up her data using the method PcComputerGuy recommends.

About a year later, we recieved a call from Sue.  Her had drive had gone kaput.  YIKES!!!  That means hundreds or thousands of dollars spent, with the possibility that some files can't be recovered at all, right?

Not in this case.  Luckily for Sue, she had prepared in advance and disaster was avoided.  Sue set up a service call with PcComputerGuy, and for less than $100, her computer was up-and-running again like nothing had ever happened.

Backing up is critical if you have information you cannot lose.  Another PcComputerGuy customer, Kevin of Thomas Realestate Services contacted PcComputerGuy to set up a backup system on his 6 month old computer. Two months later, the hard drive crashed. Fortunately, due to Kevin’s precautions, getting him back up and running was quick and painless. Tune in to this PcComputerGuy tech talk with a happy ending!

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