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WTHR 13 NBC Indianapolis - Talking Tech | Tech Tips Video by PcCG

Nick Ellis of PC Computer Guy on WTHR with Carlos Diaz - talking Tech. We'd like to give a special "Thank You" to Carlos on WTHR for having us on!

5G Internet

  • 5G Wifi is not the same as 5G Cellular Data
  • Likely need new device to use 5G
  • Likely data cap's gone
  • 5G Cellular Data signals can be blocked easily, not as accessible as 4G
  • Detailed 5G Tech Tip Here

Samsung Fold (Foldable Smart Phone)

  • $2000 starting price
  • Creasing may occur after 10,000 folds
  • No SD expandable memory
  • No Headphone Jack
  • Heavy!
  • Good Storage 512GB
  • Never a good idea to get the first iteration in new tech

Wireless Charging

  • Slower than USB Rapid chargers (40% faster)
  • Convenient
  • Saves damage to USB/Charging Port
  • Avoid Cheap/Knockoff Charging (Power Supplies and Batteries)