Compressed air and Fans

Compressed air and fans | Tech Tips Article by PcCG

Quick Tip here: I’ve had a couple computers lately with fans that have failed. This is usually due to the user cleaning the fan believe it or not!

Cleaning the fans, blowing them out using compressed air is a good thing to do, however there is one very important thing people don’t know… you want to prevent the fan from spinning when you are doing this.

Blowing the compressed air on the fan, makes it spin, often much faster than it normally would – and puts a lot of stress on the fan and mechanical bearings and parts inside the fan.

So – it’s quite simple. Blow your fans all ya want, keep the dust off them. It’s a good thing. BUT, put something in the blades before blowing them to prevent them from spinning, a pen, a chopstick, a horseshoe – whatever.

Also, obviously – make sure the computer is turned off when you are doing that, unplug it for even more safety.