Article: Save Time by Skipping Those Cell Phone Greetings

Save Time by Skipping Those Cell Phone Greetings | Tech Tips Article by PcCG

These days it seems like nobody answers their phone. As annoying as that is, it gets worse when you have to sit for 25 minutes listening to the slow computerized greeting message that explains your options. "To leave a numeric page ..." Really? That's used like once every 10 years. Or there is the person who has half a song as their voice mail... yeah. However this tech tip will help you avoid the annoyance and bypass the voice mail message.

Most of the voice mail systems will allow you to press "1" any time during the voice mail message, skipping the greeting message entirely. After you do this, you will usually hear a beep and you may leave your message after that. Then simply hang up.

So, to repeat. You call, you get a voice mail, press the number 1 to skip the greeting message. Leave your message then hang up.

On occasion this doesn't work. In those situations, often "#" works. However I've found that "1" works 85% of the time.

Now how to get people to answer the phone.... hmmmm

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