Pc Computer Guy Offers Great Deals on Indianapolis Computer Repair!

PcComputerGuy offers coupons for new customers. Also, be sure to call and ask about our selection of refurbished computers offered at deep discounts.

Remote Access Service is provided by PcComputerGuy at a discount to the normal on-site price. Remote Access Service is different from traditional On-Site computer repair in that the technician does not make an on-site visit, but instead assists customers remotely. Call PcComputerGuy today at 317.883.7224 or 866.653.6748 to learn more about this service! The pricing structure for Remote Access service is $80 per hour (residential), 1/2 hour minium. ($40 minimum.) *Some situations will require a home visit, in which case Remote Access Service and Pricing can not be applied. 

In-Shop Service: PcComputerGuy now offers customers the option to drop off their computer and pick it up when the repairs are complete. Advantages of this option include significant cost savings: 1) For In-Shop service, we generally charge a maximum of three hours, even if the job takes longer to complete. (This may not apply in rare circumstances such as data-recovery. Your technician will discuss all of the details with you prior to completing the work.) In-Shop service is billed at $80 per hour (residential) with a one-hour minimum. New customers will receive the $10 per hour discount. 2) For In-Shop service, there is no trip-charge, saving customers anywhere from $10-$40 depending on customer type.