Refurbished Items by PcCG

Refurbished Computers for Sale by PcComputerGuy

There are number of excellent reasons to purchase a refurbished PC.

Maybe you are new to computing, and just looking to learn on a machine that is functional but wont break the bank.
Maybe you are on a budget--perhaps shopping for a student who, along with books and tuition, needs a computer with basic internet browsing, email, and word-processing.

The newest technology tends to depreciates in price so quickly--as new computer components are released almost monthly--and this is a deterrent for some folks who would rather not break the bank buying a brand-new computer.

Whatever your reasons for choosing an economical solution to your computing needs, PcComputerGuy almost always has refurbished computers available for customer purchase. The average price is $150, depending on specifications.

The current offerings are listed below.

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