Solid State Drives - The easiest way to speed up your PC

Solid State Drives - The easiest way to speed up your PC

The Ultimate upgrade in performance
The Solid State Drive

$175 240GB SSD + Installation

Believe it or not, my computer's specs are lower than many of my clients. I have an older QuadCore processor that pre-exists intel's "i3, i5 and i7" line of processors - meaning it's about 6 years old. But my system runs faster than nearly any of my clients. Why? Because of my Solid State Hard drive.

The data stored in your computer (the "C" drive) needs to be loaded when you do anything from booting, to opening Chrome to playing games. Traditional (magnetic) hard drives of today typically produce speeds of around 20-50MB/sec. Solid State Hard Drives read between 200-550MB/s. Something called "seek time" is the time it takes to "find" the data you want before it reads it. Traditional drives in good shape run between 9-14ms (millisecond), whereas solid state drives run closer to 0.1ms. Most of the time spent waiting isn't from the processor, or RAM but rather the hard drive. 

What does all that mean? Simple: SSD's are wicked fast and single thing you can do to see a BIG difference in the speed of your system. Your results will vary based on your RAM, CPU and other factors - but nearly everyone will see a significant increase in speed. This is why my old computer is faster than new systems bought from the store today (6 years+ newer) - is because mine has a Solid State Drive (still not sold in most systems at the stores - at most they have hybrids).

Demo (time speed up)  showing the same system side by side  on the left with a SSD on the right a Traditional HD

You can also read the Samsung White Paper on SSD Performance.

The down side to SSD's are that they are not as big as traditional hard drives. So if you need lots of storage space, an SSD may not be for you. You can also have a setup like mine, where the SSD is the "C" drive, and all your docs, pics, music etc are stored on the "D" drive (your traditional HD). This is possible, but note this is not included in the special as it requires additional work.

We recommend you use less than 200GB of data if you want to take advantage of this special. If you use more, you can still give us a call and we can figure something out.

To check how much data you use simply open "Computer", then right click your C Drive and choose properties. For more detailed instructions see check Hard Drive Usage

Appointment Required - Please call 317-883-PCCG (7224)
Special requires system be dropped off - up to 2 business days for turnaround. 
240GB SSD + Installation on most systems
Must use less than 200GB of Data
Limited Time Offer