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Announcement 4/10: This weeks Classes (4/7) are complete. If you are interested in future classes, please let us know via our "Get help" form or via our Telegram channel: (download telegram here). Just drop us a line that you are interested in future classes. If there is enough interest, we will schedule some more classes. You can find any class announcements here. Thanks! -Nick

PC Computer Guy will be hosting some free online computer classes. These classes are geared for the basic to intermediate computer users. We will host classes online via GoToMeeting and Youtube. You will be able to find links to the classes here after we've received feedback from our online survey - where we ask you what topics you'd like covered and at what time would you like the classes to be held.

Our goal is for this to be casual, fun and educational.

We are holding these classes while most of us are on "Stay at Home Order" to slow the spread of the Covid-19/Corona Virus. Many of us are stuck at home with free time on our hands. Why not put that free time to good use and learn something! We feel this is our little contribution to help during this difficult crisis.

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4/8 - One Drive / Cloud Storage:
4/8 - Cool free software :
4/7 - Security and Scams :
4/6 - How to Speed up your Computer

The classes are completely free, however some have kindly asked if they can donate any amount so we've included that ability here.
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Simply enter the donation amount in the form below and click the "Make Payment" button. You will be taken to paypal to complete the transaction, you do not need a paypal account to make a credit card payment. A reciept will be sent to you upon completion.

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