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Windows XP is dead - Microsoft No longer Supporting XP


			 Windows XP is dead - Microsoft No longer Supporting XP

I have received several calls from clients asking what they need to replace their computer with, since Windows XP is “dead” as of April 8th, 2014. As a side note, Office 2003 support ceases the same day.

This however does not mean those with Windows XP computers will simply stop running on in April 2014. It doesn’t mean you will lose the data in it, or that it will burst into flames. Rather, when you turn your computer on, April 9th 2014, it will function the same as it did for the years before.

What Microsoft is saying is simply they will not provide tech support for it, nor will they provide any future updates. The majority of us have never called Microsoft for support anyways, so if you are in that boat, then all it means is you won’t get updates anymore. Continue reading at:

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